Why I hate mornings…

I wake up usually at some point too early to get up, then suddenly my internal thermostat gets turned up by 20 degrees and I’m immediately soaked with sweat. Sometimes this happens repeatedly during the night. It’s more fun when we add freezing from being soaked when my temp drops again.

Getting up is a chore, standing and walking for the first time is like my feet have been broken and the bones aren’t in the right places. Then I usually have diarrhea and nausea. Both can be brief or last all morning or all day. Sometimes getting up starts with me having to run to the bathroom for diarrhea or vomiting.

My sinuses are super excited to discover gravity in the am so then they drain like crazy. I tend to blow my nose probably ten times or more. It’s like the draining you can have after being at the beach where it’s like water just pours out of your nose. The right side of my nose is apparently more sensitive than the left since I have a nosebleed on that side almost daily as well.

Eating can be tough. Sometimes I feel so nauseous and I’m on the verge of throwing up so I can’t eat. Then at times I’m suddenly so hungry that I feel like I’m going to be sick. I usually eat crackers at that point. I struggle with being nauseous and even the thought of food isn’t good to needing food immediately, no time to cook it needs to be now.

I don’t remember the last time I woke up in the morning and didn’t still feel tired. Sometimes I can’t sleep at all and other times I sleep what seems like deeply but either way I’m just tired. I toss and turn a lot from pain in various parts of my body as well as hot and cold issues.

In the evening I typically have less issues with at least the nausea. The pain in my body doesn’t have a time table and varies quite a bit. The joys of living with Fibromyalgia.


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